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I am a historian of global decolonization. My work focuses on post-1945 political transformation, institutions of international order, the role of insurgent movements in international relations, as well as definitions of sovereignty.  I received a B.A. from Columbia University's School of General Studies and an M.A. and Ph.D. in History from Harvard University.  I have held research positions at Dartmouth College (US), the Institute of Historical Research (UK), The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (India) and the Institute for History at Leiden University where I was attached to the ERC Project, Challenging the Liberal World Order from Within: The Invisible History of the United Nations and the Global South. From autumn 2022, I am Assistant Professor and Myers Chair in Global Military History at The Ohio State University. 

My work analyzes the intersection of nationalist insurgency and its transnational advocacy in the emergence of postcolonial nation-states during twentieth century global decolonization.  States-in-Waiting, my manuscript, shows how nationalisms that did not achieve statehood during decolonization's moment of seeming political possibility sought out informal sources of international recognition.  My articles include "Decolonization in the 1960s,Past & Present, February 2019 and "Jayaprakash Narayan and the Politics of Reconciliation," The Indian Economic and Social History Review, April 2019. I have written on the Second World War's Battle of Kohima for The Washington Post's Made by History column.

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